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Part2ism (Keith Hopewell) has a stunning new show opening next week at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch, the press/private view launch is on Thursday 9th August (RSVP @Red Gallery). There are a number of signed limited edition catalogues available on the Gamma store here.

Many of you will know Part2 from his audio work on Jazz Fudge / Big Dada / Ninja Tune as a pioneer of the UK hip hop sound, he's been just as influential as a visual artist having been credited for changing the landscape of UK graffiti art on a number of occasions. See event overview below...

Red Gallery proudly present Part2ism’s first solo exhibition in London since Artillery for Pleasure 2009. This new body of work is perhaps his most outlandish work in a quartz-century journey using aerosol and a vast range of different media. New Horizons and Future Love Songs explores the relationship of sight and sound as one medium. In his series of polychromatic sculptural reliefs entitled ‘Architect-sonics’, wooden planes of color appear to slice through time placing our idea of transit art in another realm. Further works on show investigate aerosol paint as a raw medium exploring vectors as pure line and color but also  the use of spatialization and surface data to interpret visual noise over large sheets of canvas. An exhibition that strips away the non essential elements and at the same time takes  fundamental ideas to the absolute pinnacle.

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