123 Klan - Rebel Without A Pause...

123 Klan - Rebel without a pause...123 Klan - Rebel without a pause...

Rebel Without A Pause by 123Klan - GP2010/01
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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We are ecstatic to kick off our limited edition print series with the uncompromising, intergalactic all-stars 123Klan!

Founded in France by Mr Scien & Mrs Klor in 1992, over the last 18 years they’ve maneuvered their tactical creative force via the walls of their urban playgrounds to some of the slickest brands on the planet. Today they run their creative hub from Montreal, Canada where the eight strong crew boasts fellow heavyweights Dean, Sper, Meric, Skam and Reso.

“Many of the best graffiti writers in the world have joined our ranks. we train young recruits in hard-hitting communication. Our goal? To put together the first international network specialized in new strategies and tendencies”

123 Klan

Like moths to the flame, Nike, Stussy, Zoo York, Addidas, Carhartt, Lamborghini, Coca Cola and Sony have been drawn to their bright sparks. But 123 Klan take no prisoners and stick to their guns on every turn.

“Our approach stays the same as it did from our first tag made on the street: we can apply or impose the 123Klan style on just about any medium.”

123Klan / Stussy

"The great thing about graffiti is its impact on the streets. But most people don’t like graffiti, simply because they don’t understand it. In a city you have probably less graffiti than advertising, and most of it is certainly uglier than certain graffiti pieces - so to come up with something that gets an impact on people in this visual jungle, it is a real challenge" - Scien

The klans street tough style and matching humour is on point with their community and clients alike, how many creative agencies could get away with this on their 'About Us' page?

“We offer creative consulting, art direction, branding, illustration, motion design, video, toy design, character design, and conferences. We keep it real, we eat vector 3 times a day, we are honest and responsible, we do graffiti, drink alcohol, smoke ganja, sell drugs, knives, machine guns, uranium and kidneys, as well as many endangered pets, like koalas, seals and dolphins. (Dead or alive. Rare or ”a la plancha”, depends how you like it.)”

123Klan / Zoo York / MS

Big balls and fat markers! You just have to give it up for 123 Klan!

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Series Background

Throughout 2010 we released a limited edition print from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there was a series of exhibitions held in association with Absolut Vodka showcasing the 12 pieces. View the series.

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