Gamma Proforma - History

Back in 2000 Rob Swain auctioned off slabs of his vinyl collection to raise funds to set up Gamma Proforma. The idea was to create a new kind of label, beyond the traditional music model, a publisher that would embrace all forms with an emphasis on promoting the work of the challenging and progressive.

Conceived in Belfast, established in Edinburgh, developed in London, our output grows and diversifies steadily each year. With more in the box, we endeavor to take things forward in keeping with our ethos of good taste, hard work and zero bull! Stay tuned…

Gamma - Three {ref: art, design & music}. Proforma - For forms sake.

Back in the day...


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We review every demo we receive but can only reply to those we feel stand out. If you wish to submit your work please email us links to:
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Please do not post demos to our offices!

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