The Monosapiens are brothers Rik & Si Arbuthnot. Originally from Bangor in Northern Ireland they currently reside in Edinburgh, Scotland where their adventures in audio continue. Never taking themselves too seriously they dabble and poke around in any genre they please. Their sound is a tricky one to pin down, they take influence from Hip-Hop, Drum N Bass, Rock and Humour. You could say they sound like a cross between Digital Underground and Benny Hill with a hint of Mussorgsky but they’d probably disagree citing Ronnie Barker as their major influence. That said, their music has depth, grooves, fun and more to offer.

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Monosapiens - Bad Robots (2003)

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Monosapiens - The Conspiracy (2010)

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Various Artists - Snow on the Tracks (2010)


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It's Elph, Edinburgh's number one son! The city is embellished with his slant on life and culture, in bars, clubs, walls et al. His down to earth nature, can do attitude and general humility make him a much loved character locally and in the UK graf scene. Taking part in events across the country and further afield, he's built a worthy rep.

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Parsley Monkphat*

Parsley Monkphat

DJ/Producer Parsley Monkphat (J. O'Brien) kicked off his audio journey in the mid-nineties, inspired by the explosion within the UK independent Hip-Hop scene.

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