P&H (Peacewise & Homestyle) are producers Jody O’Brien & Olly Smith. They met at what they describe as some god-forsaken university in middle England. Armed with an MPC, some oldskool analog effects and a pair of headphones they began their musical journey.

Their initial ‘Beau Selection’ E.P. caught the attention of Gamma Proforma in 2001 and as a result the opening track found it’s way onto the label’s '20/20 - Beyond the Breaks' 12”. Since that they have continued to produce together and as solo artists, also taking on other projects such as remixes for the well received ‘Leeds By Example’ Hip-Hop compilation.

P&H - The Beau Selection (2001)

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Rhys Owens*

Rhys Owens

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A top spinner, Thompson's pushed quality vinyl in many of Belfast’s clubs and bars. Over the years he’s released some exceptional material on several independent EP’s, tracks on obscure compilations and remixes to boot.

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