Jared Nickerson - Prototype LP400

Jared Nickerson - Prototype LP400Jared Nickerson - Prototype LP400

Prototype LP400 by Jared Nickerson - GP2010/07
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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Step aside kids, Jared Nickerson has entered the arena. The man who puts the fun in vector shows his slicker side with his very own take on Lamborghini's ever stylish Countach (Prototype LP400) for our seventh limited edition print of 2010.

Jared Nickerson

From his Seattle studio, Jared creates his iconic characters and slick branding for some of the hippest brands in town. J3Concepts have pushed the flavour for Nike, Adidas and The Kings of Leon.

Jared Nickerson - Neff Gangsta

The man doesn't slack, he's also Art Director for European based clothing label laFraise and co-founder of renowned vector community BloodSweatVector, both enjoy a healthy online following and regular nods from publications such as Computer Arts.

Jared Nickerson - Elemental (Nike)

Bold, colourful and dazzling, wherever Jared's work ends up it certainly gets noticed. Recent products have included iPhone cases, T-Shirts, video games and even umbrellas!

Celebrate Creativity (Adidas)

King of characters, Jared's work has earned him a worldwide rep. His trademark style which at first glance looks cute on closer inspection reveals a darker berry, it's as addictive as E622.

Jared Nickerson - Super Mega Cavity

More fun at the end of the rainbow...

Jared on Behance
Jared on Twitter
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Blood Sweat Vector

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Series Background

Throughout 2010 we released a limited edition print from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there was a series of exhibitions held in association with Absolut Vodka showcasing the 12 pieces. View the series.

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