Rhys Owens - Skull & Headphones

Rhys Owens / Hidden Moves PrintRhys Owens / Hidden Moves Print

Skull & Headphones by Rhys Owens - GP2010/09
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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Hidden Moves is the toybox for the collected works of Welsh artist and designer Rhys Owens. He grew up in the decade of Rubik's Cubes, Thundercats, and the ZX Spectrum, and nurtured his creative talents by decorating the faces of his sister's dolls with a ballpoint pen.

Rhys Owens / Hidden Moves

In later life, he began experimenting with photography, illustration, and digital 3D to create his own unique style. This includes the creation of a number of slightly surreal characters that currently inhabit the Hidden Moves universe.

Rhys Owens - Panda 3

Panda 3 & The Morning After were recently displayed in TOSAT (Toronto Street Advertising Takeover), the first international street ad takeover project.

Rhys Owens - Black Toad

Rhys's piece for Dmitry Kopytin’s ‘Black Toad’ exhibition in Moscow.

Rhys Owens - Albino Rodent

Rhys Owens - Ape Riot

Animal instinct...

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Series Background

Throughout 2010 we released a limited edition print from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there was a series of exhibitions held in association with Absolut Vodka showcasing the 12 pieces. View the series.

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