Rob Swain - Escape From 1982

Rob Swain PrintRob Swain Print

Esacpe From 1982 by Rob Swain - GP2010/08
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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It's heating up here at GP HQ! This months print comes courtesy of our very own Rob Swain. 'Escape From 1982' is a moody, almost apocalyptic scene featuring an iconic VW T25 blazing out from the urban sprawl.

Rob Swain

A tireless creative pusher, Rob's continually making waves and talking up the work of the many heads that grace these pages. Over the years he's developed his own slant on audio and art, producing sounds under 'Methodblack' whilst working visually under his own name. With past material released by the like's of LTJ Bukem and appreciation of his art growing internationally he's certainly not sleeping on the job.

Rob Swain - Edge of Darkness

Swain's currently working on a new series of paintings and a new MB album due in early 2011. 'I like to mix things up a little', opting to use an array of processes in his work, utilising technology and organic substances collectively from paint to pixel.

Rob Swain - Empire

With an almost eerie sense of atmosphere present, otherworldliness appears to be a large part of his appeal. That said, each new piece tends to take a new turn in look and feel.

Rob Swain - Sister (April)

Rob Swain - Blood (2001)

An advocate of the concept album, Swain's work in sound and vision tends to have a running theme or idea holding everything in place. His self titled 'Methodblack' album is a real trip. One of those worthwhile headphone experiences that grabs you from it's opening 'Ignition'.

Methodblack Album

Listen to Methodblack - Revenge on Soundcloud

It ain't over yet...

Rob Swain's Site
Rob Swain's Blogspot
Methodblack on Facebook
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Rob Swain*

Rob Swain

Rob Swain's 'Escape From 1982' is a moody, almost apocalyptic scene featuring an iconic VW T25 blazing out from the urban sprawl.

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Third Shock

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