Fresco (Various)

Fresco Recordings existed from 1994-1997, it was a small independent record label which released material from a collective of local musicians in the North of Ireland. These included Rob Swain, Marty Doherty, Cara Robinson, Dave Kane, Alan Stockdale, Nate Thompson, Rik & Si Arbuthnot to name a few.

The label was run from above the small Fresco street wear shop in Bangor, N.Ireland. The shop itself was the main cause of the labels demise as the running costs of the retail side of the business drained the company of all it's funds. That aside, there were many good times had at Fresco events and some interesting sounds emerged from the backroom studio. A selection of highlights featuring tracks from Wolf75, Denzil Dexter & DJ VU is now available on 'Fresco - The Lost Tapes' album which can be downloaded below.

Various - Fresco (The Lost Tapes)

1. Audiosyncracy - Classical Beatdown
2. Denzil Dexter - Dexter's Connector
3. DJ-VU - Coinage
4. Wolf 75 - Smooth To 57 Flow
5. Slightly Narrow - Poisoned Minds
6. DJ Chris Caul - Knowledge 96
7. Baby Al - Extra Sensory Percussion

DJ-VU - Coinage by Gamma Proforma

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Simon Page

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