GP2009 (Various)

GP2009 is the first in a series of label compilations showcasing the cream of the Gamma Pro catalog. A selection of classics from the usual suspects bundled with some never before heard gems!

1. Parsley Monkphat - Elsewhere
2. Old Man of the Forest - Viami Mice
3. Timur Izhbulatov - _25X
4. DJ-VU - Coinage
5. DJ Chris Caul - Nicest Organ
6. Audiosyncracy - Curtain Call
7. P&H - Live @ The Ninebar
8. DJ Chris Caul - What Is He?
9. Timur Izhbulatov - _56X
10. Audiosyncracy - Ultramagnetic
11. Monosapiens - Maniac
12. Old Man of the Forest - 2 Say I Love You
13. Monosapiens - Who Killed Mr Carter?
14. Tiny Casino - Likewise Sugarman
15. Baby Al - Extra Sensory Percussion
16. Methodblack - Revenge

Gamma Proforma - GP2009 (2009)




Parsley Monkphat - Elsewhere by Gamma Proforma


Jared Nickerson*

Jared Nickerson

Step aside kids, Jared Nickerson has entered the arena. The man who puts the fun in vector shows his slicker side with his very own take on Lamborghini's ever stylish Countach (Prototype LP400).

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Third Shock*

Third Shock

Belfast's Third Shock are a covert outfit, never keen on hype they resist probing on every level. Key contributors to the early Intelligent Techno movement with early releases on the now legendary Mutant Disko and GPR labels they stood alongside heavyweights Black Dog, Plaid and Mark Broom during the mid-nineties.

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