Syd Mead - The Village Machine

Syd Mead PrintSyd Mead Print

The Village Machine (First Launch) by Syd Mead - GP2010/05
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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Syd Mead's 'Village Machine - First Launch', a previously unavailable print of a piece Syd painted as artist in residence at The Pasadena Community College is the latest instalment in our increasingly popular 2010 limited edition print series. An official special edition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Syd Mead Inc.

Syd Mead

If you were blown away by the gritty reality of Blade Runner or inspired by TRON's vector light cycles you already know and love Syd Mead's work!

From his early career (1950's/60's) styling cars for Ford in Detroit to his later work on Sci-Fi classics 2001, Tron and Blade Runner (1970's/80's) Syd's managed to remain at the forefront of graphic art by continually pushing the boundaries with his unique vision. His work often portrays a bold new world that's futuristic yet believable due to his natural incorporation of humans and their pursuits.

Syd talks about his life and career in the 2007 documentary “VISUAL FUTURIST: The Art & Life of Syd Mead

Syd Mead's Past Work

Transportation design is Syd's first love, whether it be designing solar powered unicycles, interfaces, luxury yachts or the interiors of private 747’s, each receives his mind blowing attention to detail within a perfectly designed scenario. This combination has become a Syd Mead trademark and has been seen in everything from concept cars to futuristic cityscapes which have been the subject of many of his full colour illustrations.

Syd Mead's Past Work

Syd's film work is well documented but he has also made his mark in the toy arena having contributed to the iconic Hot Wheels series. Japanese toys include “The New Yamato” and all eight robot characters in the new Turn-A Gundam mobile suite series which were also seen as characters in Television shows.

June 2010 is the 40th anniversary of Syd Mead Inc and to celebrate this there'll be a new book 'Sentury 2' which is available for pre-order on amazon now. Look out for a touring exhibition of his work planned for later in the year.

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Series Background

Throughout 2010 we released a limited edition print from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there was a series of exhibitions held in association with Absolut Vodka showcasing the 12 pieces. View the series.

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