Ognihs is a Californian based musician and producer. With notable releases on independent compilations such as the 'Beyond Space' series', his work caught the attention of Gamma Proforma Records in 2009. He subsequently signed with the label and released the stunning 'Distance Between' and errie 'Reject' on the GP2010 compilation.

A well rounded producer, he drops skills for fellow artists from his crew in SF. His recently released ‘Us’ EP has been heralded as a subtle gem. Stay tuned for more high calibre, hip hop with soul! 


Ognihs - Us (EP) (2011)

1. Reject
2. Heirloom - 2005 (Feat. Sankofa)
3. Letdown
4. The Drums
5. The Distance Between

Ognihs - Us

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Ognihs - The Distance Between by Gamma Proforma

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Rob Swain*

Rob Swain

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