Elph - GP2011 Dual Channels

ELPH - GP2011 Dual Channels

Fly Girls by Elph
Limited Edition Giclee Prints on 310gsm german etching paper.

Exploring duality in Art & Music, Gamma Proforma’s GP2011 series feature three distinct UK artists with a common thread, they operate on Dual Channels.

Part 1. The Art & Sounds of Elph

Elph's art is in a world of it’s own, literally. A man with an eye for style, his quirky cool female characters occupy the hazy streets & substations of planet Elph. His Pilot Nishiko sound works are derived from his paintings, transcribing patterns and strokes to midi signals. The results are hypnotic, serene and flowing with that same atmos that drips off the page!

An artist and illustrator, his work has been exhibited all over the world. A veteran of the UK street art scene he has recently held solo shows in Melbourne, Australia and at Glasgow’s boutique Recoat Gallery. His work has been commissioned by brands such as Absolut Vodka and Red Bull.

Elph's GP2011 show at XOYO London was a blast with live painting, hypnotic sounds and a real buzz from all who attended.

ELPH - GP2011 Dual Channels

Elph - GP2011 Dual Channels (Art)

Elph - GP2011 Dual Channels (Audio)

Pilot Nishiko - Advanced Mechanics
Elph's alter ego, Pilot Nishiko the well dressed sci-fi fem fatale captures the glitches and drips of her industrial universe. The clash of electro, the chimes of stars... You've never heard anything quite like it - Art in audio format!

Pilot Nishiko - Advanced Mechanics
Pilot Nishiko - herbender6000 by Gamma Proforma

Series Background

Exploring duality in Art & Music, Gamma Proforma’s GP2011 events feature three distinct UK artists with a common thread, they operate on Dual Channels. Each artist released a set of limited edition prints and an accompanying soundtrack.
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It's Elph, Edinburgh's number one son! The city is embellished with his slant on life and culture, in bars, clubs, walls et al. His down to earth nature, can do attitude and general humility make him a much loved character locally and in the UK graf scene. Taking part in events across the country and further afield, he's built a worthy rep.

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A top spinner, Thompson's pushed quality vinyl in many of Belfast’s clubs and bars. Over the years he’s released some exceptional material on several independent EP’s, tracks on obscure compilations and remixes to boot.

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Limited edition tee's, check out the latest instalment of Gamma Pro Gear!

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