Gamma Proforma - GP2010 Review

Back in December 2010 we hooked up with Absolut Vodka to take our GP2010 series on the road. The result was a collision of music, graphic art and great nights in stunning venues. Each exhibition kicked off an exclusive launch party featuring Gamma Proforma DJs, graphic art and ABSOLUT cocktails. 

12 works from Syd Mead, 123Klan, Paul Pope, Phil Ashcroft, Elph, Simon Page, Nobumasa Takahashi, Rob Swain, Rhys Owens, Jared Nickerson, Alex Varanese and Christopher St. Leger will feature. In addition two of the series artists Elph & Rob Swain collaborated to create a ’Lucky Thirteen’ piece commissioned by ABSOLUT for selected venues. Check out the video footage and the 'Lucky Thirteen's' below, we have one of each of these for sale, there were only 5 of each produced. Each piece reflects the vibe of the venue and it's city.

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Gamma Proforma & ABSOLUT's GP2010 Art Tour. This footage is from the Glasgow event at Recoat gallery. Props to DJ Nate Thompson (Audiosyncracy), Al Stockdale at Foundlight, The Fatalists, Scott at LA Group, the Recoat Crew and the Absolut Vodka cats who kept us all warm with those hot cocktails! Music 'The Distance Between' by Ognihs. 

Lucky Thirteen Prints by Elph & Rob Swain
 Absolut @ OhSo Social (Brighton)

Absolut @ The OhSo Social (Brighton) by Elph x Rob Swain

Absolut @ Underbelly (London)

Absolut @ Underbelly (London) by Elph x Rob Swain 

Absolut @ The Forum (Sheffield)

Absolut @ The Forum (Sheffield) by Elph x Rob Swain 

Absolut @ Walrus (Manchester)

Absolut @ Walrus (Manchester) by Elph x Rob Swain 

Absolut @ Sygn (Edinburgh)

Absolut @ Sygn (Edinburgh) by Elph x Rob Swain 


GP2010 (LP)

Our soundtrack of 2010, previously only available to GP2010 exhibition attendee's. We kick off with the subtle tones of Northburg and wrap up with the deadly venom of the Fatalists, quite a trip! More here.



Rob Swain*

Rob Swain

Rob Swain's 'Escape From 1982' is a moody, almost apocalyptic scene featuring an iconic VW T25 blazing out from the urban sprawl.

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Third Shock*

Third Shock

Belfast's Third Shock are a covert outfit, never keen on hype they resist probing on every level. Key contributors to the early Intelligent Techno movement with early releases on the now legendary Mutant Disko and GPR labels they stood alongside heavyweights Black Dog, Plaid and Mark Broom during the mid-nineties.

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