GP2010 (Various)

Our soundtrack of 2010, previously only available to GP2010 exhibition attendee's. We kick off with the subtle tones of Northburg and wrap up with the deadly venom of the Fatalists, quite a trip!

Various - GP2010

1. Northburg - Albino Crow
2. Audiosyncracy - Wishing For Days
3. Ognihs - The Distance Between
4. Parsley Monkphat - Searching For Caromon
5. Ognihs - Letdown
6. Methodblack - Seventy Three (Feat Cara)
7. Northburg - Energy Star
8. Tiny Casino - Courtesy Of The Stupid People
9. OMOTF - I'm So Shattered (Monkphat's Twilight Instrumental)
10. OMOTF - The Pursuit Of Albert Johnson
11. Third Shock - Subway Rider
12. Third Shock - Cling
13. Monosapiens - Kaleds
14. Fatalists - Headache
15. Fatalists - Staring Into The Distance For Jesus

Gamma Proforma - GP2010 (2010)



OMOTF - I'm So Shattered (Monkphat's Twilight Instrumental Mix) by Gamma Proforma


Syd Mead*

Syd Mead

Syd Mead's 'Village Machine - First Launch', a previously unavailable print of a piece Syd painted as artist in residence at The Pasadena Community College. An official special edition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Syd Mead Inc.

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P&H (Peacewise & Homestyle) are producers Jody O’Brien & Olly Smith. They met at what they describe as some god-forsaken university in middle England. Armed with an MPC, some oldskool analog effects and a pair of headphones they began their musical journey.

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Limited edition tee's and hoods. Check out the latest instalment of Gamma Pro Gear.

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