Christopher St.Leger - Cabbie Still

Christopher St. LegerChristopher St. Leger

Cabbie Still by Christopher St.Leger - GP2010/11
Limited Edition A2 (420mm x 594mm) Lithographic Print on 200gsm Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Pulp - £25.00

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Episode 11, Christopher St. Leger's splash of urban intensity cabbie still is our penultimate print of the GP2010 series. A downtown city scene that draws the viewer in, hear the streets calling!

Christopher St. Leger

Before C.St.L begins a painting, he steps back and considers an automotive approach. This point of view is detached from nature and of one who sees things from within a moving glass container. To paint in a way that speaks of the limitations of existence Christopher continually strives for an accurate sense of perspective.

Christopher St. Leger

"I experience calmness when driven or flown as a passenger. The burden of destination put aside, I find the ride to be an opportunity for passivity and surrender. On board within a city's infrastructure, I feel at rest when directed as a cargo vessel."

Christopher St. Leger

"Our culture is an automotive one. Still I'm interested in its experiential benefits, if indeed they exist, more than the all too common ailments of pollution and road rage. Travel and movement are now essential to our everyday sense of wellbeing, while stagnation is to be strictly avoided."

Christopher St. Leger

"Working with watercolor, for me, is an act of simulation. Water lifts pigments, carries, and deposits them into the paper just as environmental pigments all around us are lifted and deposited onto the surfaces of please-wash-me cars and ochred homes. Layers of watercolor, none too controlled, wash over familiar landscapes blanketing subjects as a cursory glance from the car window. Vistas depict recognizable objects in accordant perspective, yet border on the bleak territory of abstraction. At this point, like that between seeing and staring, the painting dislocates the viewer’s idea of Place."

"I want to convey a more automotive pastoral; centred, yet surrounded by haste and turbulence."

Christopher St. Leger

Christopher St. Leger

Christopher St. Leger

Christopher will show a new body of work in April of 2011 at the Davis
Gallery in Austin,Texas. A combination of watercolor and inkjet printing on aluminium, his new work stems from the practice of architectural rendering and the inserting of the scale figure.

Dripping with style...

Christopher St. Leger's Site

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Throughout 2010 we released a limited edition print from a diverse selection of established and upcoming artists & designers on the last Friday of every month. In December there was a series of exhibitions held in association with Absolut Vodka showcasing the 12 pieces. View the series.

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It's Elph, Edinburgh's number one son! The city is embellished with his slant on life and culture, in bars, clubs, walls et al. His down to earth nature, can do attitude and general humility make him a much loved character locally and in the UK graf scene. Taking part in events across the country and further afield, he's built a worthy rep.

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