GP2011 Review - Swain : Style Under Substance

Swain GP2011

GP2011 Part 3. The Art & Sounds of Swain. We look back at Swain's GP2011 show which explored duality in art & music. Check it out here!
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Gamma x Paul Pope Tee's

Gamma x Paul Pope

What's that saying, good things come to those who wait... well this wait was way too long but hell it is good! World renowned pen pushin hipster Paul Pope doesn't do half measures, he rolls deep! His work and outlook embody the style of Kerouac, attitude of Davis and the soul of Hendrix. We've got three killer tee's ready for abuse, try to wear em out!

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Third Shock - Mermaid/Manhole

Third Shock - Mermaid / Manhole

Chilling, and we don't mean relax! Third Shock's second long player, an alternative soundtrack to Hideshi Hino's banned horror isn't for the feint of heart. Headphones on, lights out....Possibly the best album we've ever released...Click

Northburg - Cortez Bridge (LP)

Northburg - Cortez Bridge

Northburg's subtle tones build in mood and complexity, yet retain that heady beat. Mr J. Graham makes a grand entrance via Cortez Bridge - Catch it here.

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123 Klan*

123 Klan

Founded in France by Mr Scien & Mrs Klor in 1992, over the last 18 years they’ve maneuvered their tactical creative force via the walls of their urban playgrounds to some of the slickest brands on the planet. Today they run their creative hub from Montreal, Canada where the eight strong crew boasts fellow heavyweights Dean, Sper, Meric, Skam and Reso.

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Tiny Casino*

Tiny Casino

Tiny Casino is a solo project by DJ/Producer Rich Hayes. Rich has been spinning and producing electronic music since the mid-nineties. He's currently producing Tiny Casino's debut long player for Gamma Proforma.

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