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Paul Pope Competition

Have a pop at winning some Paul Pope niceness, 3 lucky folks will get all three of his Limited Edition Gamma Tee's and his slick Nurias print... Enter here!

Various - GP2011 (LP)


What gives you tension, serenity, grit and soul? The latest GP instalment of course! Highlights from the past year and some new gems! Tracks from Third Shock, Ognihs, Vcheka, Loose Shark Tooth, 4X4Tracktor, Lyken, Birdhead, Fatalists and more ...Click

Gamma DJ's @ Pressure Belfast!

Gamma Pressure

Gamma DJ's Chris Caul, Parsley Monkphat & Rich Hayes (Tiny Casino) will be taking over the turntables at Pressure in Voodoo, Fountain St, Belfast this Saturday! Be there or be a parallelogram. Free entry, drinks promos... Event Link

GP2011 Review - Elph : Fly Girls

GP2011 Part 1. The Art & Sounds of Elph We look back with some added video footage of the Elph GP2011 show which explored duality in art & music. Check it out here!
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GP2011 Review - Lyken : Bit Rot

Lyken GP2011

GP2011 Part 2. The Art & Sounds of Lyken. We look back with some added video footage of the Lyken GP2011 show which explored duality in art & music. Check it out here!
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Phil Ashcroft*

Phil Ashcroft

Phil Ashcroft twists time and space through piercing shards. The paint almost tears the canvas there's so much weight and intensity! Combining influences from abstract expressionism, British landscape painting, Japanese woodcuts, and graphic street art, Phil's work integrates varied visual styles to generate a crossover between space, object and environment.

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A top spinner, Thompson's pushed quality vinyl in many of Belfast’s clubs and bars. Over the years he’s released some exceptional material on several independent EP’s, tracks on obscure compilations and remixes to boot.

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Limited edition tee's and hoods. Check out the latest instalment of Gamma Pro Gear.

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