REWIRE Exhibition & Box Set

Rob Swain & Andrea Parker have been busy pulling together what is likely our most ambitious project to date. A large multi-media exhibition that reverses the common art/music model. Featuring visual artists Augustine Kofie, Jerry 'Joker' Inscoe, Poesia, sheOne, Nawer, Stendec, Moneyless, Phil Ashcroft, Derm, Robert 'Tone' Proch, Sebastien Preschoux, Sat One, Graphic Surgery, Felipe Pantone, O.Two, Roids, Clemens Behr, Christopher Derek Bruno, 108, Kidghe, Stohead to collaborate with audio artists Luke Vibert, Divine Styler, Mike Ladd, Andrea Parker / Daz Quayle, Cristian Vogel, Arovane, Einoma, Third Shock, Methodblack, Lyken, Monkphat, Plaster, Clatterbox, GFQ, Quinoline Yellow, Evac, Kero, Dalglish, Bogger, Northburg, Ed Devane.

Find out more about the exhibition and box set here.

Will Barras - Plaza Exhibition

Will Barras - Plaza - Exhibition at GTD Edinburgh

Will Barras' Plaza Exhibition is now in full swing at GTD. Check the video above for a taste, works from the show are available via the gallery or online from the Gamma Store.

sheOne - BLACKATELIER [Book]

Pleasure Centre

Available now, the long overdue book from London's sheOne (James Choules), the UK's original abstract rattle can rebel. Featuring works and photography from his personal archive of the past 20 years. The book also includes a 7" vinyl picture disc Get it!

Will Barras x Stendec - Print

Wide Receivers

Studio mates Will Barras & Stendec recently teamed up to create this jaw dropping piece, 'Wide Receivers' is the first of a series of collabs between the two. We have just 5 of these as limited edition archival prints, signed by both artists. More info here.

Northburg - Stymied - EP

Northburg - Stymied

Northburg's  (John Graham), hails from Belfast, N.Ireland. Though from listening to his music you'd be forgiven for thinking he resided on Nexus 6. At times his serene soundscapes are reminiscent of Vangelis, yet that effortless 'float' of his own making also takes you off to new places. A master of subtlety, the cinematic and serene.

Stymied is a short excursion. Perfectly balanced, emotive electronica to watch the world go by. You can listen and pick it up here.

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Alex Varanese*

Alex Varanese

Alex Varanese! The Californian blazer with an eye for all things red was at the front of the queue when they were handing out the hip chips, some say he's even used time travel to stay ahead of the pack with his array of stunning works!

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