Will Barras x Stendec - Print

Wide Receivers

Studio mates Will Barras & Stendec recently teamed up to create this jaw dropping piece, 'Wide Receivers' is the first of a series of collabs between the two. We have just 5 of these as limited edition archival prints, signed by both artists. More info here.

Northburg - Stymied - EP

Northburg - Stymied

Northburg's  (John Graham), hails from Belfast, N.Ireland. Though from listening to his music you'd be forgiven for thinking he resided on Nexus 6. At times his serene soundscapes are reminiscent of Vangelis, yet that effortless 'float' of his own making also takes you off to new places. A master of subtlety, the cinematic and serene.

Stymied is a short excursion. Perfectly balanced, emotive electronica to watch the world go by. You can listen and pick it up here.

O.Two - Phosphene Smoke (Exhibit)


This week at GTD, we opened a new show of paintings by O.Two (James Carey). A collection of works drawing on themes of delinquency, obsession, and exclusion.

Phosphenes - Luminous imagery or hallucination created by electrical manipulation of the brain, optical stimulation through pattern, a direct mechanical stimulation of the retina.

With a visual dialogue established initially by working illegally with spray paint, making large-scale murals and site-specific work without permission, the artist has developed a process of painting that crosses abstracted, ambient fields of colour and gesture with traditional typography, vivid corrupted language and appropriated slogans.

The show is open until Friday, 8th April. Drop by GTD if you’re in Edinburgh.

Paintings from the exhibition can be viewed and purchased here.

O.Two - Phosphene Smoke - Exhibition at GTD Edinburgh

Divine Styler - Architectonic (Single)

Divine Styler

Divine Styler - The man they once called 'the Jimi Hendrix of Hip Hop' has retuned with what we feel is his strongest work to date. Over a decade since his highly acclaimed 'Directrix' long player dropped on Mo Wax, Divine Styler is now working on his fourth studio album 'Def Mask' which is planned for release later this year on Gamma. We'll let you know more in due course, expect a special edition vinyl pack. There's also a tour planned for UK/EU. We're taking initial bookings and planning interview slots, so do get in touch if you're interested in either.

Divine Styler - Architectonic from Gamma Proforma on Vimeo.

Architectonic is a taste of what to expect from the new album, highly charged, well crafted, gritty electronic density with trademark lyrical intellect. Heavy synths battle crushing snares, it's a killer, it rocks, but it's also a breath of fresh air. Grab it via iTunes etc or grab it now from Gamma.

Phil Ashcroft - Galácticos (Exhibit)

Phil Ashcroft

On the eve of the publication of his first book, Phil Ashcroft exhibits a selection of new work and landmark pieces, including two custom bike frames at Gamma Transport Division, Edinburgh. Many will know Phil’s work from his cover art for Birdhead and Gamma’s Futurism 2.0 book and exhibition.

The show is open until Friday, 7th March. Drop by GTD if you’re in Edinburgh! More on the event here!

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Nobumasa Takahashi*

Nobumasa Takahashi

Enter Nobumasa Takahashi, a Japanese artist/illustrator who masterfully melds Japan's mythical & fanatical worlds to ill effect in his hugely popular 'Japanese Graffiti' series.

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The Monosapiens are brothers Rik & Si Arbuthnot. Never taking themselves too seriously they dabble and poke around in any genre they please.

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Limited edition tee's and hoods. Check out the latest instalment of Gamma Pro Gear.

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